Annual Report templates are here!

There are two versions of the Annual Report template: one for existing 2004 MS4 permittees and another for new 2017 MS4 permittees. They are nearly identical – the biggest difference is that the due dates for many BMPs are later for new permittees. DEEP  strongly encourages using these templates but they’ll accept other formats that include all permit reporting requirements.

The templates can be found under the Implementation section > Annual Reports and they’re saved as Microsoft Word documents to allow for easy editing.  If you have any trouble working with the document – feel free to reach out to me (Amanda) I might be able to help!

Timeline for completing the report: Notify the public about the pending availability of the Annual Report and Stormwater Management Plan by January 31st. The deadline to actually post the report and plan to your website is February 15th. Then the final report should be submitted to DEEP by April 1st.